Now or Never for AI Policy?


The first event of Project Syndicate’s 2024 AI Revolutions events series, produced in partnership with 2040 World, will gather experts from across disciplines to discuss the policies needed to mitigate artificial intelligence risks and underpin the technology’s potential.



Moderator: Ben Chu
3:00 PMOpening Remarks
  1. Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University
Now or Never for AI Policy?
If the rise of the internet taught us anything three decades ago, it is that policy decisions made in the early days of a new technology’s development and commercialization can have far-reaching consequences that will long outlast any individual political career. With AI now advancing rapidly and being deployed across many sectors of the economy, policymakers - from global supranational bodies on down - have an urgent and weighty challenge in front of them.
3:05 PMPanel Discussion and Q&A with International Media
  1. Abeba Birhane, Senior Fellow in Trustworthy AI at the Mozilla Foundation
  2. Aida Ponce Del Castillo, Senior Researcher at the European Trade Union Institute
  3. Aurélie Jean, Computational Scientist, Author, and Founder of In Silico Veritas
  4. Gary Marcus, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at NYU
3:45 PMClosing Remarks
  1. Amandeep Singh Gill, UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Technology

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  1. Many people here at the bank agree that this was the most professional looking, well moderated, and entertaining event we have supported or participated in... The speakers were top-level and highly knowledgable throughout, and the whole design was very slick.

    Dirk Heilmann
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